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Athlete Spotlight: Drew Mascia

This Grimsley student is not only an outstanding athlete, but also a hard worker!

By Kate Medina

April 4, 2024

Although all of the sports offered at Grimsley are demanding, track and cross country are among the most physically rigorous.  This sport is one of the most admirable to do well in, as it requires a great deal of mental fortitude and dedication.  Grimsley runner Drew Mascia embodies these traits, as evidenced by her impressive times and hours of hard work.


Although only a junior this year, Mascia is a top runner and has carried Grimsley to many victories already this year, including Guilford County and Metro Conference championships for girls cross country.  Her many accomplishments include running a 5K in 19:11 and a mile in 5:16. 


To a non-runner this may not sound very fast, but to anyone who understands how hard it is to achieve those times, this is a feat deserving of respect.  Despite being injured at the moment, Mascia has a successful career in track and field ahead of her, with great things to come!




Q: What got you into running, and when did you start?


A: I started running in middle school to get better at soccer and I hated it at first, but after a while I started to like it more.


Q: What are your plans for the future regarding track and cross country?  Do you plan on running in college or professionally?


A: I definitely plan on running collegiately as of right now, but I’m still pretty early in my recruiting process, so I have no idea where I will end up!


Q: What are your hobbies/interests outside of sports?


A: I love to read and I love doing fun artsy things like painting and sewing when I have free time, but sometimes it totally feels like all I do is run and workout.


Q: How are you working around being injured this year?


A: Getting injured has absolutely been super challenging as it is much harder to stay motivated, and I’ve had to learn how to be patient. It isn’t an experience I would like to repeat, but I also think it has taught me a lot and reminded me the importance of having a life outside of running.


Q: What are some ways you balance the demands of being a student athlete?


A: Time management is something I struggle with, and it can be really hard to not procrastinate when I’m tired after practice. I usually go to bed super early and wake up early to do homework after my morning workouts so I can be more productive.


Q: What do you believe are your major achievements in your sport?


A: I honestly think my biggest accomplishment is just always working as hard as I can and staying focused when I just want to go home and take a nap!


Q: What are your pre-game and post-game rituals/routines?


A: I always have my pre-meet oatmeal in the morning before a race and I like listening to music, but I usually turn it off about 30 minutes before, so I can relax and focus on the race.


Q: What are your goals for this season? 


A: I had a lot of exciting goals for this season before getting injured, including qualifying for states and going sub 5:10 in the mile. That has definitely shifted a little, and now I am primarily focused on being patient and getting a few healthy races in before the season is over!


Mascia is committed and willing to put in the work to achieve her goals.  Although being injured may have thrown a wrench in her plans, she is sure to come back stronger and better than ever!

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