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Ramadan: My Perspective as a Grimsley Student

Ramadan is a time for increased worship, charity, and prayer. Photo by Kevin Massey

What does this holy month mean to Muslims and what is the purpose of fasting?

By Lana Illikkal

April 4, 2024

You might have Muslim friends who are fasting during this month called Ramadan, and you might ask the question: what is the actual reason for not eating from sunrise to sunset? 


I want to share with you my personal experience as a Muslim fasting during Ramadan and how significant it really is. First off, I see a lot of people answer the question above with the answer: Muslims fast to show compassion for the poor and less fortunate. And while gratitude is certainly something we can attain through fasting, that is not the central goal.


Ramadan is the special month in which the Quran was revealed. It’s a time for increased worship, charity, and prayer. Muslims also observe fasting during Ramadan.


According to the Quran, our holy scripture, fasting is prescribed to us so that we may acquire god consciousness. While fasting, I am constantly aware that I cannot eat and this in turn makes me more aware of my actions because consuming food is not the only way we can break our fast. Our fast can be invalid if we do things such as lying, backbiting, or being disrespectful to others. 


Fasting also grows our spiritual discipline by stopping ourselves before commiting a sin or doing something that may displease God. 


Ramadan shows Muslims that every extra step to better our faith, we can do it outside of Ramadan too. Magical powers aren’t sent upon us at the beginning of the month that suddenly give us the ability to go to the Masjid, our place of worship, every night, or finish the entire Quran, or to stay steadfast in our prayers. We prove to ourselves that we are capable.


My favorite part of Ramadan, though, are the bonds I build and the oneness I feel among the other Muslims in my community. At my local Masjid there’s an Iftar, a meal that breaks the fast, every Friday. There are also group discussions and trivia nights that the Girls Youth Group hosts.


All of this leads to show that Ramadan is a month for reflection. It’s a month for me to look back on myself, correct myself, and come out as a different better person who has strengthened her faith.

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