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Students of the Month

The Whirlie Post would like to recognize certain students for their excellent character and the positive effect they have on their peers and their community. Read about these awesome individuals below! 



Lydia Alexa Maksimov-9th Grade

“Lydia is extremely remarkable. She finishes her projects early. She at times instructs in class. She is just helpful and positive.”-Ms.Luz Guevara Bigelow 


Katherine Medina-10th Grade

“Kate is a kind student that makes anyone feel welcomed in the classroom. Kate is incredibly determined and hard working earning A's in all of her classes. She also is involved in many extracurriculars such as Battle of the Books and swimming.”-Ms. Madison Hall



Aiden Medlin-9th Grade

“Aiden works so hard and is always willing and ready to help his classmates. He is kind to his classmates and I love seeing it!”-Ms. Sumia Mustafa


Jasmine Clark-10th Grade

“Jasmine is a strong leader within the classroom community. She works diligently at all tasks and puts her utmost into everything that she does. Jasmine is someone that not only displays a strong work ethic, but also maintains a high ethical standard.”-Ms. Joy Hunt-Ward


Amos Ohene-12 Grade

 “This student exemplifies everything that is amazing about our school. Amos is a student leader, scholar and volunteer. Amos makes our school better and it is an honor being his Principal.”-Mr. Ged O'Donnell


Zion Cunningham-11th Grade

“Zion is a great young lady. She is respectful, responsible, and works well with peers. Zion has a strong work ethic and strives to meet the goals she has set for herself. She is not afraid to voice her opinion, even if it does not align with the majority. I enjoy having Zion in my class and look forward to witnessing her journey.”- Ms. Dannaya Sellars


Copy of RJ student of the month.jpg

RJ Johnson-10th

 “for displaying kindness to his peers. I saw him walking with one of the OCS students and this interaction truly warmed my heart!”-Ms. Sumia Mustafa


Kendal Threewitt- 9th

“Kendal is a focused and enthusiastic learner, and I really enjoy them in class, and I think they’re going to go far!”-Ms. Emily Burch


Taiquan Yancy-11th

“Taiquan has made major strides in his math class. He has improved his grade from 1st quarter to 2nd quarter and consistently works hard in class by completing his homework assignments. He is a very pleasant student and is always respectful and willing to put in the extra work. I am very proud of him!” -Ms. Way


Copy of Kroe .png

Kroe Bryant-9th grade

“Kroe is an exemplary student!  He always strives to his best ability and goes above and beyond in his academics.  Kroe also helps his peers whenever he can and is always a joy to have in class.”- Ms. Williams

Copy of Reagan.png

Regan Haverstock-10th grade

“Regan should be Student of the Month for contributing to the success of the Grimsley Girls Volleyball team this year as a superb setter. She is also an excellent student!”

-Ms. Desiree Acevedo

Copy of Isabella.jpg

Isabella Sherrick- 12th grade

“This student has overcome MANY difficulties and hardships and is rocking French 3 this year. She has kept an amazingly positive attitude and is loving and respectful!”

-Ms. Jennifer Johnston Kerns (Madame JJK)

Copy of Brock student of the month.jpg

Brock Weston

Brock Weston is a Student of the Month for November. The 11th grader is a football player and dedicatedly works out at the gym every day. His favorite class this year is Ap Earth and Environmental Science. 

Brock enjoys being at Grimsley saying that he really enjoys “the people, and that it's a good environment to be in.” 

When asked what he would like to say to his fellow students, Brock said, “Try your best.” 

“Brock is very engaged in the classroom, maintaining excellent scores throughout the football season.  He is on the football team and uses his time wisely. He participates in class and works with his learning partner on a daily basis.”

 - Scott SanGeorge

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