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Girl walking using the Stanley cup

Whirlie Trends Make Friends and Fun

Fads in music and school essentials fuel self-expression, giving students a place to belong.

By Kennedy Goree

Jan. 29, 2024

At Grimsley, trends helped students make new connections with each other and build healthy habits this school year. The Eras Tour and movie hit the world, backpacks were still an essential fashion accessory for back-to-school, and Stanley Cups made hydration trendy. 


Taylor Swift was as popular as ever at Grimsley with the US Eras Tour ending and the release of the Eras Tour Movie last fall. The diversity in the style of music Swift creates assures there is something for everyone, building bonds among her fans. The following Taylor has gathered creates a safe space for Swifties to express themselves and make new friends over a common interest. 


 “My love of Taylor Swift has helped me connect and make memories with my friends,” said Lily Koesters, a Grimsley freshman and avid Taylor Swift fan.

“From going to the Eras Tour movie, listening to her music, and talking with someone new about her music, Taylor Swift has not only helped me strengthen my friendships but also make new ones!”


One thing every Grimsley student needs is a sturdy bag, and some of the most popular options were Jansport and North Face backpacks. The many color options, styles, and pockets make a perfect backpack for back-to-school. Not only do these bags allow students to express their individuality, but they also help build healthy organization habits. Since there’s lots of stuff to carry from class to class, these bags are very comfortable to wear during class change. 


 “My backpack has not only helped me stay organized,” Emerson Griener, a freshman at Grimsley, said, “but the sleek design makes it fashionable and comfortable to wear around school.” 


Staying hydrated is vital to staying healthy and engaged during the school day. A school favorite, Stanley water bottles, achieve that. The unlimited variety of colors and styles makes it easy to find the perfect cup for individual tastes and match to other school supplies. Stanley makes it convenient and fun to hydrate throughout the day, a habit that is vital to student success.


Juliet Fisher, a 9th grader said, “My Stanley has helped me build my habit of staying hydrated, especially at school, and the colors are so cute.”


From music to backpacks and water bottles, trends add a sense of fun to student life, creating bonds and fueling success at Grimsley. 

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